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Warehouse Management

Barcode Technology that brings you inventory peace of mind.

Using technology to quickly process your inventory helps you save time and increases productivity. The right technology can enable the flow of information between your warehouse handheld device and your Fastrax Service System. The Fastrax warehouse management solution offers advanced data capture with mobile computing. Optimize your warehouse operations and leave behind the paperwork, process all of your inventory directly through your Fastrax inventory device.

  • Gain complete organization in your warehouse.
  • Respond quickly to technician requests.
  • Easily count your truck inventory wirelessly.
  • Increase inventory turns.
  • Improve line-level accuracy.
  • Easily access supply information for jobs and vendors.

Knowing what you have and what’s on order allows you to reduce inventory and make space on the factory floor. You’ll keep material receipts, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods moving into and out of your warehouse for an efficient assembly line, helping you improve margins. No matter the size of your service shop, if you have inventory Fastrax can manage it with barcode technology that links all of your data right back to your Fastrax System. Fastrax gets your warehouse running faster and smarter.

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