Working Relationships

Ergos has built solid relationships with clients who have led the way to success in the service industry. Below are a few accounts to their ‘Fastrax’ to success.

"Ergos took one of my greatest fears, converting to new software, and made it painless! The Ergos staff, with their in house training and fast implementation made the whole experience a pleasure and I now finally realize what all the Whoopla was all about!"

Chieffo Electric Inc.
Joe  Chieffo - President
(302) 764-5000

"The efficiency of my technicians, CSR's, and dispatchers have increased 10 fold since installing Fastrax. Therefore, allowing me to put more money in the bank."

M.W Donnelly, Inc.
Marty Donnelly - Owner
(215) 855-5812

"Ergos Software Solution has provided us with unparalleled performance. When it comes to service they cannot be beat."

Bonney Plumbing & Rooter Service
Candice Bonney - Owner/CFO
(916) 444-0551

"Prior to the installation of Ergos Fastrax Software System, tracking statistics was consuming too much of our managers time. Now with Ergos doing all of the work, our managers can spend their valuable time expanding the business."

Lowry Electric, Inc.
Steve Lowry - President
(215) 362-4108

"Ergos has cut the time I spent on tracking sales efficiency in half! I can look at conversion rates and efficiency rates at the touch of a button. Now I sped more time Helping the CSR's, training my guys, and talking to customers. I used to have to work until midnight almost every day of the week. I haven't had to do that since Ergos."

Sunray Systems
Charlie Gallagher - Service Manager
(613) 231-5533

"I am confident that the Ergos Fastrax system is the best software product to run my service operations and control my finances. This brilliant product gives me numbers and reports that no one else has!"

Jim Kavallines - Industry Consultant
(203) 790-9728